I’m an ex-christian. I was raised in a protestant christian home. What one today would call a non-denominational fundamentalist household. Not aggressively fundamentalist, but in an environment where the Bible was considered the inspired word of God and entirely true. I was born again while fairly young after one of those scary religious movies of the rapture.

In my late teens I drifted away but really tried again in my early twenties. I spent time in the Anglican church and in the evangelical movement. I read the Bible cover to cover multiple times and fairly extensively beyond venturing substantially into Christian mysticism and early doctrinal writings. Eventually however my scientific background, combined with my desire to know what’s true raised questions to which I could not find satisfactory answers. The search for answers to those questions was long, hard, and ultimately led to my deconversion.

Despite leaving Christianity over fifteen years ago I still spend a fair amount of time thinking about religion (mostly protestant Christianity). Over the years I have gradually moved through agnosticism to atheism. At this point I’m verging on being anti-theistic.


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