It’s the solstice stupid

The signs going on about how Jesus is the real reason for the season have been really bugging me this year. I don’t have a problem with people calling it Christmas. If that’s what they celebrate at this time of year that’s fine. But at least be respectful of other people’s beliefs.

As a Christian holiday Christmas has had a very checquered past. It was banned at many times for being a rowdy, drunken, violent pagan holiday. In Massachusetts, for example, it was banned by law in the 1600s.

“Whosoever shall be found observing Christmas, either by forbearing of labor, feasting, or any other way, every such person shall pay as a fine five shillings to the county.”

So, Christians, feel free to celebrate Christmas as the birth of Jesus. But recognize that the holiday predates Christianity and as such has been coopted by multiple religions.

The real reason for the season is the winter solstice. It’s been celebrated for millenia so get over it already.


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